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A dog makes a house your home





Hello, I'm Lillo, I live in the countryside of Rome. I must say I'm a happy and lucky dog!
I have many friends and we love each other. it was these friends who gave me the idea to tell my story here, for all my two and four legged friends.

I can run again!

When people look at me, they say I walk like a duck, but those who know what had happened to me say it is unbelievable I can run so well. They give me so many compliments like this - and I really enjoy all their attention and admiration !

Never say never!

When I was born I received two gifts: a great faith and a good nose! I can say that my motto for life is: "Never say never, nothing is impossible!".
Honestly speaking, I'm not one who likes to get noticed... my mom taught me to be modest and generous, gentle with the cats and to let the other dogs play with my toys.
Now I try to learn so many other things from my mistress, she can do many good things and never brags – and I’m doing my best to be like her!
Now, I will tell you a little bit of my story...

PetMaster and Art Director : Lucky Lillo - with assistance from Chao Hsiu Chen  
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